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Ofsted Inspection

6th October 2021

Our latest Ofsted inspection was the first routine inspection the provider received since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic began. The inspector discussed the impact of the pandemic with the Manager.

The inspector described our nursery:

"Children enjoy the time they spend at this welcoming and friendly nursery. They arrive happily, separating from their parents with confidence. Children have developed good friendships with others and have formed close bonds with staff, who are warm and caring towards them. Children behave well and play cooperatively. They demonstrate a caring nature and understand the need to be kind. For example, they discover a brightly coloured caterpillar in the garden and, after looking at its features, agree that it should be carefully moved to a quieter part of the garden so that it does not get hurt. Children enjoy being creative. They concentrate as they manipulate coloured dough to make their own alien figure. They talk about their alien as they excitedly add pipe cleaners for arms and legs. Children show pride in their achievements as they proudly show staff and visitors their finished creations."


24 January 2019

Our latest Ofsted report with the inspector's comments:

  • "a warm, nurturing environment where children form close, secure emotional attachments and rapidly develop their confidence and enthusiasm for learning"

  • "wide range of stimulating activities and experiences"

  • "high quality of teaching"

  • "staff work closely with parents"

  • "children are very successfully supported as they move on to the next stage in their learning, ensuring they make a comfortable transition to school."


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