We recognise that parents/carers are their children’s first and enduring educators and understand their children better than anyone else. 

By sharing information about their children’s interests, strengths
and needs, parents can help us plan activities that will capture their interests and fire their imagination and enthusiasm.  This helps children make good progress in their learning.  Parents can write things in their child’s diary and speak to their child’s Key Person when appropriate.

We appreciate that parents/carers are the main educators of a child and we aim to work closely with parents. Parents/carers are welcome to attend sessions with their child at any time and we may need extra parent help during special activities.  We value the support of parents as committee members, extra adults on trips, helpers/contributors re fundraising events and new ideas are always welcome.

Children’s Records 

We will soon be replacing our paper records and moving all children to Tapestry - more information can be found here: www.tapestry.info.

Settling in process

Helping the settling in process - Parents are invited to accompany their child on his/her first visit until they seem settled. It will also enable you and your child to start a relationship with their key person. This opportunity to familiarise yourself with names, faces and procedures will better enable you to discuss and share the group’s activities with your child.

Key Person

Each child will be allocated a Key Person who will endeavour to build up a relationship with the child and their family to encourage the child to feel safe while they are with us.

The Key Person will be responsible for the physical care of the child, helping the child to feel secure and encouraging a sense of wellbeing and confidence. Via the home-preschool book and communication between the child’s Key Person and parent/carer, we will encourage effective communication about the child’s needs and interests.

Nappies/toilet training

We ask that you provide everything that you use at home for nappy changing. Children should come with spare clothes in case of accidents, which will happen if toilet training!  

Parent Partnerships

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
Kids with Capes