Fees and Funding

Llangrove Leapfrogs aims to keep fees as low as possible and thereby affordable to all.  


  • Over 3 Years £4.40

  • Children 2-3 Years old £5.00

  • 1 Year and under £5.50 

  • Before and After School club £4.40

Invoices will be issued monthly in arrears and should be paid within three weeks. Where this causes difficulty, the treasurer will be happy to discuss possible alternatives. Failure to pay bills will mean that the child’s place at Leapfrogs will be in jeopardy.

Sessions booked but not attended must be paid for (the group will continue to incur running costs during your absence).  Exceptions will be made for prolonged hospital stay or where special circumstances apply.  

1 week notice is required for changes to normal hours to allow us to staff the setting appropriately.


In addition to this, Leapfrogs has been included in the Herefordshire Early Years Development Plan as a recognised provider of education for 3/4 year olds.  This means that children are entitled to funded sessions the term after their third birthday, the funding coming directly to Leapfrogs from Herefordshire Council. Relevant forms will be issued by the group.

In order to qualify for this, Leapfrogs are committed to meet the following requirements:

  • To be registered for inspection by OFSTED.

  • To help children make progress through the Foundation Stage.

  • To have regard to the Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of Special Educational Needs.

  • To work in partnership with other local providers in different sectors, attending Partnership meetings.

  • To have the involvement of an Early Years Consultant under the local arrangements defined in Section 13 of the Herefordshire Plan.

You can help us!

This income is supplemented by coffee mornings, concerts, sponsored events and other fundraising activities throughout the year.  The committee request, need and very much appreciate your support on these occasions.