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Our Style

At Llangrove Leapfrogs we champion the individual child, fostering their interests and passions and offering choices between free, independent, and structured play. 

Our open-plan indoor and outdoor spaces are organised to give children of all ages plenty of space to move around and play independently. Children are free to engage and play with the areas and activities they choose to, as well as having access to group time activity sessions.

Each Leapfrogs child has a key worker who takes the time to get to know them, to understand their likes, dislikes, and interests, stepping in to support or to extend the child’s independent play. Through this supportive dynamic, children can explore, develop, and unleash their curiosity and imagination to help them make sense of the world in a safe and secure environment. Leapfrogs children practise age-appropriate key skills, explore ideas and concepts, think creatively and imaginatively, and communicate with others as they investigate and solve problems.

Our Aims and objectives 

Every single child is unique, brim-full of their own interests, curiosities and dreams. It is our aim to champion them as individuals, encourage their curiosities and to support them to become independent learners.

We aim to maintain safe, comfortable, and exciting environments inside and outside so that our children can follow their own interests with the guidance of sensitive, knowledgeable and caring adults. 


Through a broad combination of child-centred play and exploration and adult initiated activities, children build their self-confidence and key skills as they grow, giving them a solid foundation for their further educational journeys. 

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