Our Sessions

Day to Day
Children are free to play and explore activities of their choosing. Adults will observe and support their play and plan activities to develop their learning. Topics will be chosen after observation and discussion with the children. Adults will ensure that the learning associated with the topic will include aspects of all the Early Learning Goals to ensure balanced progress.

Opportunities available to the children will include physical play, role play, small world play, sand, water, art and craft activities, music, books, stories.

The children are encouraged to choose their activities independently, gather together and arrange what they need and also to put things away when they have finished with something.

Group activities
At an appropriate time during the morning, the children gather together for stories, songs and rhymes and for healthy snacks. There is the opportunity for conversation with each other and adults promoting positive social skills. Group activities may follow such as jigsaws, age appropriate games, movement activities, group construction and craft activities.

Outdoor environment
At times we get together as a whole group to explore the village environment or we enjoy circle games, parachute play, music sessions, obstacle courses, ball play etc. We sometimes have visitors to our setting to enhance the children's wider experiences. Visits, outings and picnics are undertaken periodically.

Our younger children
We have an area of our classroom specially designed for younger ones to have a quieter area to explore, investigate and learn at their own pace. It is a calm, safe environment with cosy areas, tactile resources, mirrors and much more.

Breakfast and After School Club

Primary age children can play and access a wide variety of games and activities whilst attending Breakfast or After School Club. In addition breakfast and a snack tea are provided if required.

Holiday Club

Holiday club is available for all children during school holidays.